About US

D Blue Private Limited is specialized in dealing with reputed Marine Equipments and accessories to Maldives market. Our goal is to provide high quality products and dependable customer service to our customers. Our purpose is to extend total solution to all our clients at very competitive prices while offering fast delivery to your door step.
We believe that providing knowledgeable customer service is an essential part of the business. Hence, our product selection is through experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to explore the finest & best of quality.

Maldives, due to its unique geographic nature requires sea transport as the main mode of transport between islands. Hence, it is vital for core businesses such as tourism, fishing and agricultural activities which entirely depends on reliable sea transport without which our economy will not be sustainable.
Our market sector includes:-

  • Boat Builders,
  • Boat Owners,
  • Tourism & Transport Industry
  • Fishing Industry
  • Speed boat operators & shipping liners

In addition to Marine products, we import and market exclusive brands of beach and fashion wear products and accessories targeted to local market and tourism sectors.
We are committed to earning your trust and respect by offering friendly service, ongoing support, and of course – great value.